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Introduction to your Regrid Pro account

Welcome to the Regrid Mapping Platform!


Regrid Pro is your personal platform for working with property information. With, you can import property data, create multiple projects, build custom property surveys, invite collaborators, conduct customizable surveys in the field with your mobile device, and map your survey results as they come streaming into your account in real-time.

Note: Pro accounts are designed to be single-user. To this end, you’ll find that you can only log in to your Pro account on two devices at a time. If you’d like to work with friends or colleagues on a project, consider a Team account - available from our Plans page.

Our maps are easy to style, share, and embed, so you can create beautiful interactive web maps without writing a single line of code. User-friendly tools like our data list view and our query builder help make complicated information digestible, so you can make well-informed planning and land use decisions while spending less time wrestling with parcel data. You may be interested in viewing our tutorial videos as you get started, which provide more detail in a visual format.

Feature Caps There are caps on some of our features in Pro - if you find yourself running into these regularly, please consider contacting and upgrading to a $250/mo. Team account, where you can have 10 users, expanded download permissions, and unlimited bookmarks, focus areas, datasets, and projects.

Users - 1 Bookmarks - 100 Focus Areas - 10 Datasets - 5 Projects - 5 Downloads - No USPS Vacancy or Building Count data.

Are you ready to get started?

  • The first thing you’ll want to do is create a project.
  • Then, you might want to import data or create a property survey.
  • Once you add data to your map, you can query your data and style your map.

If you are working with others, be sure to invite your team members to collaborate.

Need some inspiration?

Projects using our software include:

  • Creating an inventory of every single property in the city of Cleveland
  • Collecting a years’ worth of data on every single structure fire in Detroit
  • Mapping lead contamination in water samples in Flint, MI
  • Evaluating tornado damage in Portland, MI
  • Interviewing residents in Dallas, TX

If you want to make custom property maps and surveys but you don’t have a paid account yet, sign up today!