Using Projects in Regrid

Projects are only available with a Regrid Pro or Team account. Click here to upgrade your account.

After you’ve made an account (congrats!), the next thing you’ll probably want to do is create a project. Projects are places where most of the magic happens: it’s where you can import data, make surveys, style information, view the maps you’re creating, and generally start to make sense of the information you’re viewing.

NOTE: Pro users are limited to 5 Projects at any one time (Team users have unlimited projects). If you reach your cap, you can repurpose existing maps or delete one from your Dashboard to free up space.

How to create a project

Simply click the “New Project” button above the ‘Projects’ dropdown if you're on your Dashboard: image (38)

Or, if you're looking at the map, click the 'Projects' tab, at the top of the toolbar, then 'Create a New Project'. image

After clicking, you'll be prompted to name your project, and that's it! You've successfully created a project to work in.

You may also want to set your project's default location (ie where you'll get zoomed to each time you open the project in the future). By default, the project will be set to the place you were looking at when you hit 'new project'. This video can show you how to change the default location to wherever you want.

Once you have a project set up

Once you have successfully created a project, you can start working with our mapping tools. Any Filters or Styles you set can be saved, so that you can return to them later when you reopen this project. Some suggestions:

Click “Survey”, then “Editor”; from here, you can add a survey to this project. Write your own questions, or use one of our prebuilt surveys! Click “Import” to import your own data from a spreadsheet, or to connect with data from an open data portal. Click “Filter” or “Styles” to start working with our base parcel data (after you import data, you can use these tools with those datasets as well).

Changing an existing Project's name

You can change the name of your Project at any time.

While working in the Project whose name you'd like to change, click the Project tab on the toolbar up at the top.

A drawer will pop out, where you will see a selection of Project settings. Change the name to whatever you desire, then press "Save Project" to make changes permanent.

You can also write a description in the box below the title. Descriptions can be useful when you want to do something like embed your map in a web page – your description will be a part of the embed, giving people an introduction to your map.

Deleting a project

If things start to get crowded and you want to delete a Project, no problem! It’s easy.

Simply go to your Dashboard (if you're looking at the map, you can do this by going up to the top left of your screen and clicking the Regrid dropdown menu up at the top left, then Dashboard) and locate the project you'd like to delete. Then, click the cog icon; from here you'll see a few options. Click 'Delete Project' to delete it.

image (39)

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