Mobile App Measure and Lat/Long Tools

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Finding Distances, Area and Coordinates in the Mobile App

The Regrid App provides a Measure tool that can generate distance and area measurements - and a separate tool to find the latitude/longitude coordinate of any point on the map.

To access either of these tools, simply open the app, tap the wrench icon on the right hand toolbar to open the Tools menu, and tap either "Measure" or "Latitude/Longitude". You’ll see the tool open on the bottom of your screen, and a crosshair will appear in the center of the map.


Move the map around to center the crosshair at the starting point of where you want to measure, then tap the ‘start measuring’ button. This will drop the first point – from there, move the crosshairs and you’ll see that the distance between the first point and the crosshair will automatically calculate as you move. At any time you can tap ‘Add Point’ to add another point to your measurement; you can also tap ‘undo’ at any time to remove the last point.

Here is a video tutorial demonstrating the Distance and Area functions.


Once you have dropped more than three points, you’ll see that the area contained within the points is also being calculated. You can see both the path distance, as well as the area contained within that path.

Displays path distance and area contained within that path on the mobile app


Also found in the Tools menu on the right hand sidebar is the “Latitude/Longitude” tool. This tool allows you to find the coordinates of any given point on the map: simply move the crosshair to the point of interest and you’ll see the latitude/longitude update.

Here is a video tutorial demonstrating the Find Lat/Long tool.

Copying the Measurements

As with most data you see in the Regrid app, you can easily copy the lat/long coordinates, the distance or the area simply by tapping and holding the data that you want to copy. A ‘copy’ button will pop up; tapping this will copy it to your device’s clipboard, and you can then paste it wherever you would like it to go (a text message, into another app, etc).

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