Share Your Project

This feature is only available with a Regrid Pro or Team account. Click here to upgrade your account.

If you've created a Project you'd like to share, there are a few options available to you.

Option 1: Share by Changing Privacy Options

First, open your project. When you're looking at the map, open the toolbar (bottom left), then click the Project tab (at the very top of the toolbar). In the resulting pane, click "Share". This will take you to the "Sharing & Access" options, where you can change sharing settings. Click "Save Sharing Settings" when you're done to make changes permanent. Sharing permissions can be changed at any time.

Private: only my group can view and edit This setting means what it says: data, surveys, and anything else attached to this project are only viewable by you and, where applicable, by other members who you have invited to collaborate with in your group account.

Anyone with the link can view This is akin to sharing a document with "read-only" access. Anyone who receives your link will be able to view all the data, comments, notes, and survey information collected in the map, and they will be able to export data in CSV format.

However, they will NOT be able to edit, delete, or modify any data in your map. They will not be able to access any of the menus which allow for manipulation of data and map settings. All of that will remain off limits.

Your map will be "live" – that is as you add data to it, whoever has the link to your public map will see new data coming in.

You can always flip your sharing settings back to "Keep this map private" to remove the ability for people to see your map via its URL.

Note: Sharing in this fashion does not require the person you are sharing with to have a account.

Public: anyone can find and view it By choosing this option, anyone with the link is able to view this Project; it will also be made searchable within for others working in the same geography as you and they'll be able to add a copy of your data to their map. However, anyone outside your group will be unable to delete or modify it.

Option 2: Share by Embedding Your Map

If you have a website, blog, news story, or other web page and you’d like to embed an accompanying Project, well cool! Simply copy the embed code for the project (follow the steps to open the "Sharing & Access" pane as detailed in Option 1 above) and insert using the HTML editor (or whatever the appropriate format is given the platform you’re publishing with). Note that to see the snippet itself, you'll need to set your sharing settings for the project to Public.

Your embedded map will show things from the project like parcel color coding, commenting, your survey feed and data. Nothing will be editable by people interacting with the embedded map.

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