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Getting Started

FAQs - Regrid Mapping Platform

Quick answers to any questions about our products, services and company

Introduction to your Regrid Free account

A Regrid Free account lets you try out our property mapping software, for free.

Introduction to your Regrid Pro account

Get started using Regrid Pro to view and analyze property information.

Census Data

Census Data is available to regrid.com users of Pro and above.

Create a New Project

Set up a new Project on regrid.com

Using Basemaps

Change basemaps in regrid.com by using "Layers" dropdown

Bookmark a Property

Save any property and quickly access it from your profile page

Data and API

Parcel Data Onboarding and FAQ

The Regrid Parcel Schema

Bulk Data Delivery Formats

File format options for bulk data delivery.

Using the API

How developers can use the Regrid parcel API

Using the Feature Service

How to use Regrid's Esri-compatible Feature Service

Using the Tileserver

How developers can use the Regrid tileserver

Customer Support Service Levels

Standardized Land Use Codes Documentation

Standardized Land Use Code Keys

USPS CASS Codes and Notes

Cropland Data Layer (CDL) Key

Regrid Matched Building Footprints Frequently Asked Questions

Regrid Matched Building Footprints Schema

Regrid Typeahead API

Regrid Matched Address FAQ

Regrid Matched Addresses Schema

Reporting Parcel Data Issues to the Regrid Team

Configuring S3 for Bulk Delivery

How to configure an S3 bucket for Regrid to deliver bulk data

Configuring GCP for Bulk Delivery

GCP configurations for Regrid to deliver bulk data

Verse table schema

Data Updates Monthly Email

Sign up for Regrid Data Update Monthly Email

Regrid Mapping Platform

Change Group Name or URL

You can change the name of your account at any time

Invite/Remove Collaborators

Inviting or Removing Collaborators from your Group

User Permissions

You can customize the permission levels of people invited to your account

Cancelling Your Account

How to cancel your account


Change Project Name

Change the name of your Project at any time

Share Your Project

Share Projects with your team or the whole world!

Drawing Focus Areas and Measuring Distances

Create your own focus areas, measure distances, and find lat/longs of a point with our Draw tools.

Privacy Settings on the Regrid

Your regrid.com Projects are private by default

Print your Projects and Parcels

Printing your Project or an individual Parcel.

Delete a Project

Delete a Project you no longer want

Adding Data


How to add data to your Project from a CSV or Excel file

Remove Imported Data

How to remove an imported data source you no longer need or want

Managing Data

Export Data

Export data in a variety of formats

How to Filter Data

Filtering data helps you analyze and understand it

Style Data in Your Project

Use Styles to color code parcels

View Data as a List

How to view data in the List


Reporting Android App Errors

Reporting iOS App Errors

Start Your Property Survey with paid Regrid Accounts

Surveying Property with regrid.com and the Regrid app

The Live Feed

Track your data in real time