Mobile App Quick Start Guide

With a Pro subscription, Regrid offers you access to nationwide property data in two places: on our website, where you’ll find a variety of tools for working with property data, and our mobile app, which is optimized for mobile devices.

The mobile app is perfect for helping you understand more about your surroundings - you can easily see property boundaries and look up property information across the country, and follow properties that are important to you.

All the data you see in the app is Regrid’s property data - read more about our extensive, high-quality dataset here.

Getting Started with the Mobile App

The Regrid Property App provides users with quick, easy information about the world around them - especially around property data, which we collect throughout the United States. When you open up the app, you will see a map centered on your location overlaid with property boundaries. Tapping on any property brings up the address, and some selected information in a 'property preview' format.

Mobile app with collapsed property preview

You can swipe up on the 'property preview' card to view all the information that we have on a given property.

Mobile app with expanded property preview

To find a property of interest, you can either move the map to locate it, or use our search function up at the top right. We support searching by address, parcel number (aka APN), and lat/long coordinates.

Following places and properties of interest

One of the primary functions of the Regrid app is that you can follow properties and places of interest that you care about. Once followed, you'll get notifications from us when things change via a push notification and an email (if you've allowed it in your permissions settings). At present, you will get notified when we update the data in your area; for the future, we're working toward being able to provide more granular change information based on what we hear from our users.

Tap on a property or place, then the 'Follow' button, to follow something. From there, the 'Following' button in the center of the bottom right toolbar will show you the list of all that you've followed.


Regrid currenly offers some tools that can help you easily work with property information. You can:

  • Use our Measure tool to determine distance and area measurements
  • Get the lat/long coordinate of your precise coordinates with our Get Lat/Long tool
  • Draw a custom area to follow with Draw Area

Read more on our tools and how to use them here.

Other features and functions

In the Regrid Property App, you can also learn more about the place you're viewing by tapping on the place name that shows up at the top of the screen. This will pull up information on the place - basic stats, and links out to other sources to learn more about the place. Basic stats and sources about the selected place

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