Reporting Android App Errors


In order to track down the bug you experienced in our error logs, we need to know a few key bits of info:

  1. The email you use to login to the Regrid App
    We use this to be able to inspect our logs and track down more info about your issue.

  2. The exact Date + Time the error last occurred.
    This also helps us find you in our logs. If you don't know the last date and time, but are able trigger the error again, you can retrigger the error and send us that date and time.
    Example: 7/22 4:52pm

  3. Android Version Number
    Example: Android 9

  4. Model Number
    Example: XT1900-1

  5. Regrid App Version Number
    Example: 1.14

Send your bug report to:

Note that:

  • The Model Number will never change, so you'll only need to get it once if you can associate it with a single Surveyor or device.
  • The Android Version will change occasionally.
  • The Date+Time and Regrid Version Number is needed for every bug.
  • Below is the process for getting the Android Version Number, the Model Number, and the Regrid App Version Number.

Get Android Version + Model Number

  1. Click on the Settings Icon

  2. Click System at the bottom of the Settings Panel.

  3. Click About Phone

  4. Write down the Version Number

  5. Click Model & Hardware which is also on on the About Phone screen.

  6. Write down the Model Number

Get Regrid App Version

  1. Open the Regrid App and Log in.
  2. Navigate to Profile
  3. Write down the Regrid Version Number at the bottom of the screen. Example: 1.15.0

Submit Your Bug

Here's a template you can use to submit your bug.

What Happened:
Exact Date and Time:
Android Version Number:
Model Number:
Regrid App Version Number:
Email used for Logging In to App:

If Post Has Not Successfully Uploaded

What is the status of the post?

You can find this in the Posts section of the app.


  • submitting
  • unsaved
  • temporary fail
  • error

Common Issue - Too Many Photos in a single Post

The Regrid app is only designed to handle several photos per post. If you require more than that, let us know at

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