Drawing Focus Areas and Measuring Distances

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Looking for a how-to for the measure tool in the mobile app instead? Learn how to use the Measure and Coordinate tools in our support documentation.

Drawing Focus Areas

The draw tool lets you define a custom area of interest by drawing your own "Focus Areas". When you draw a Focus Area with the draw tool, you will limit the data you see in the Overview panel, the Feed, and the List to only the data in your drawn area. If you run a Filter, you will only search data from within the Focus Area's boundaries; if you export, only properties within your Focus Area will download.

Using the Draw Tool The Draw Tool itself is found on the toolbar on the top left of the map area. Clicking it brings up the Draw tools; click on the map to start drawing. Finish the shape by "closing it", ie clicking on the first point.


Saving Focus Areas:
When saving a Focus Area, you’ll be asked if you want to save the area to your project, or to regrid.com. If you want the area to be private, choose "Add to this Project". If you’d like to contribute your area publicly to anyone using Regrid, click "Save Publicly". Note that Pro users are capped at 5 Focus Areas - if you'd like more, you can upgrade to Team or delete existing Focus Areas you no longer need.

Sharing Focus Areas:
You can copy the URL of your focus area to share it with other people in your group. If your Project sharing settings are set to "Anyone with the link can view it," then you can share your Focus Area's URL with anyone and they will have read-only access.

Deleting Focus Areas: To delete a Focus Area, first return to your Dashboard and click the 'Focus Areas' tab. From here, click 'Edit' for the area you wish to delete, then 'Delete this Neighborhood' at the bottom right of the resulting page.

Measuring Distances

Under the Draw dropdown, the other tool available is "Measure". The measure tool allows you to 1) find the latitude/longitude of a point, 2) measure the linear distance of a path, and 3) calculate the area of a shape you've drawn.

Find the lat/long of a point on the map Click the Measure tool, then click on the point on the map you'd like to find the lat/long for. In the bottom left, the coordinates will appear: Measure_LatLong

Measure a linear distance or area Click a point, then a second point - you'll see that the measure tool updates to show you the 'path distance' between those two points. Continuing to click other points will extend the process, and you'll also see the measured area, if applicable. Measure_Path_Area

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