Zoning Fields in the Regrid Property App

Zoning in the Regrid Property App As part of our Premium Schema, users with a paid Regrid Property App subscription (Pro or Team) can unlock zoning data fields in parcels' dertails, and a visual zoning overlay under our Layers tab.

Zoning Layer

Our data includes non-standardized fields that are local-jurisdiction-specific (Zone Code and Zoning Description), as well as some fields that are standardized for quick easy use anywhere across the US (Zoning Type and Zoning Subtype), plus a field that contains a handy link to the zoning ordinances for the place in question.

Definitions of Zoning Type fields

Residential: Uses permitted are residential in nature.

Commercial: Uses permitted are commercial in nature.

Industrial: Uses permitted are industrial in nature.

Agricultural: Uses permitted are agricultural in nature.

Mixed: Uses permitted in this zone are a mixture of different types.

Special: A specially designated zone that does not fall within any other zone type.

Planned: A zone established for the purpose of a specific development project.

Overlay: Created to add, remove, or modify requirements from a previous type.

More About Our Zoning Data In addition to these Premium Schema zoning fields, users interested in licensing our Standardized Zoning Add-On product for use outside the app (ie via API, Bulk License, Data Store, etc) should refer to this article for more.

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