Follow a Property

With Regrid, you can quickly and easily “follow” properties that interest you. Please note that Starter accounts can only follow one property; with a Pro account, you can follow as many properties as you like.

On the mobile app

Tap on a property of interest, then tap the 'Follow' button.

The mobile app screen with a highlighted property in the center and a highlighted Follow button at the bottom

To view all of your followed places and properties, tap the Following icon in the center of the toolbar on the bottom right.

On the website

Click on a property of interest on the map. You'll see a sidebar open on the left side showing the property's address, and all the data that we have on that property.

In this sidebar, up at the top right you'll see a button labelled 'Actions'. Click this, then 'Follow'.

The web app's property pane with the Actions dropdown opened and Follow option highlighted

To view all the properties that you follow, click the 'Follow' button on the left sidebar. Here, you can click on the address to visit individual properties you follow, copy a link to the property for sharing, unfollow a property, and even download all of your followed properties as a CSV file. If you would like to download your followed properties in a spatial format (shapefile or KML), please see our Export instructions.

CSV Field Descriptions

When you download a CSV of properties you follow, you'll receive these fields:

  • Address: Street address of property.
  • Parcelnumb: Parcel number of property.
  • Parcel link: a URL to the property in Regrid.
  • Centroid: the coordinates (lat/long) of followed property.
  • Parcel path: the Regrid path to this property. This is especially useful if you are working with our API.
  • User: The user who followed the property
  • Notes: Any notes that you took when you followed the property.
  • Image: Links to any photos that you took when you followed the property.
  • Created At: When you followed the property.
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