Regrid Starter Account


Welcome to the Regrid Property App!

If you’re reading this, you should have gained access to a Regrid Starter account (if you haven’t yet, go here to sign up). You may be interested in viewing our tutorial videos which can help you get started. With a Starter account, your options are more limited than with a paid account – you can surf over 154 million parcels uninterrupted, draw focus areas, and try out our Follow function to keep an eye on places or areas you care about.

Many of the articles in this guidebook do not apply to users with a free account. If you would like to have access to ALL of Regrid platform's great features, upgrade your account now for just $10/month.

Here’s what you can do with a Starter account:

  • Uninterrupted nationwide parcel viewer - Look up parcels all over and get deeper insights into your neighborhood.
  • Map Layers - Switch and toggle between satellite and street view.
  • Access Bounds - Filter and add boundaries to your parcels based on zipcodes, Census tracts and congressional districts.
  • Top Owners - Get a quick insight into the top property owners in your location.
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