Filter Data in a Project

This feature is only available with a Regrid Pro, Team, or Enterprise account. Click here to upgrade your account.

About Filter gives you powerful tools to explore and understand the data you bring to your account. One of these tools is Filter – a search/query interface that allows you to select multiple criteria from data in Regrid’s database as well as datasets and survey data you bring to your account.

In the Project where you’d like to filter data, choose the “Filter” tab on the left hand sidebar. Simply click in the blank text boxes next to a desired field and enter the values that you would like to select. For example, if you choose “Vacant” (assuming the dataset has occupancy data, of course), all parcels classified as “Vacant” will highlight on the map.

If you choose to filter by two options (say, “Vacant” and “Poor Condition”), the results will show only parcels where BOTH criteria are true.

NOTE: We’re currently exploring an “Export Filter as Dataset” option, so stay tuned! For now, users can export a filter by going to “List”, then exporting as a CSV, and reimporting.

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