Create a New Project

This feature is only available with a Regrid Pro, Team, or Enterprise account. Click here to upgrade your account.

Projects were formerly known as Maps.

After you’ve made an account (congrats!), the next thing you’ll probably want to do is create a Project. Projects are places where most of the magic happens: it’s where you can import data, make surveys, style information, view the maps you’re creating, and generally start to make sense of the information you’re gathering.

Creating a Project

While logged in to your account, go to the top right of the page. Click on your username, and you’ll see a dropdown menu. Click “My Profile”, which will bring you to your home page. This is where you’ll be able to view all the Projects associated with your account.

To create a new project, simply click the “New Project” button above the ‘Projects’ header. New_Project__1.jpg

NOTE: Pro users are limited to 5 Projects at any one time. If you reach your cap, you can repurpose existing maps or delete one to free up space.

Then, give your Project a name and specify the location you’ll be working in. The location can be a city, county, neighborhood, or zip code. As you type your Project’s location, options will appear in a drop-down below the text bar. Select one of those options to be sure your location is in the correct format. If no options appear under the text bar, check your spelling and make sure that the area you chose is part of Regrid’s national parcel dataset.

Once you have successfully created a project, you have several options, all located on the left hand sidebar:

  • Click “Survey”, then “Editor”; from here, you can add a survey to this project. Write your own questions, or use one of our prebuilt surveys!
  • Click “Import” to import your own data from a spreadsheet, or to connect with data from an open data portal.
  • Click “Filter” or “Styles” to start working with our base parcel data (after you import data, you can use these tools with those datasets as well).

Interested in some of the above options, but need more help to get started? Each has its own section on this Support site!

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