Bookmark a Property

You can quickly and easily save properties with to look at later; we call them bookmarks. You have access to bookmarks with any paid account. Pro users are capped at 100 bookmarks; Team accounts and above get unlimited bookmarks.

To bookmark a property, first click on it in the map. The selected property will be highlighted in purple; a sidebar opens with any base data that we have on the property, including its address. At the top right corner of this sidebar is a purple button labeled ‘Actions’; click this, then ‘Add Bookmark’, and you’ll have bookmarked your first property!


To view your bookmarks, first click “My Profile” in the dropdown menu found in the top right of the screen next to your name. Once here, click on the “Bookmarks” button toward the top of the page, and all of your bookmarked properties will be listed.

Note: In order to delete a bookmark, you will need to navigate to the bookmarked property and click the bookmark tab icon next to the address a second time.