Parcelverse metadata

The verse table provides metadata about each county in our dataset and is delivered to bulk data customers.

This table is provided in the same directories and formats as the county data.

The two critical pieces of information in the verse table are filename_stem and last_refresh. Those two fields tell you the name of the dataset for a county and the last time we did a full data pull from the source, usually the county or a designee.

Field Type Name Description Source
id integer ID Row ID Automatic
wkb_geometry geometry Geometry Geometry of the place described in this row Census
county character varying County County name Census
state character varying State Two-letter state abbreviation Census
seat character varying County Seat County seat Census
population integer Population Total county population (2010 Census) Census
sqmi integer Square Miles County square miles Automatic
geoid character varying GEOID US Census county GEOID Census
city character varying City Slug representing the city, if the data applies to a sub-county area Census
table_name character varying Table Name Table name in Regrid system Automatic (bi-weekly)
total_objects integer Total Objects Total number of parcels in this place Automatic (bi-weekly)
last_refresh date Last Refresh Date Date of the last full refresh of data from our county source. This is always the date of our ingest, see 'assesor_data_date' for the estimated date of the assessor data itself. Hand
path character varying Path Path of data in Regrid system Automatic (bi-weekly)
canonical_path text Canonical Path Internal path used by Regrid's tileserver to identify a place Automatic
filename_stem text Filename Stem The base filename for exports of this place, without extension. Add an extension to get the filename (eg mi_wayne.csv) Hand
date_added timestamp Date Added Date the place was first added to our parcel collection Hand
shapefile_size_flag text Shapefile Size Warning Flag 'y' indicates this place is larger than the shapefile limit of 2 Gigabytes of data and some applictions will silently truncate the file. OSGEO tools generally work fine with these files, Esri tools often truncate data silently. Hand
assessor_data_date date Date of the assessor data Date of the assessor data to the best of Regrid's ability to determine. Determined at the same time we refresh our data from the county source. Hand