Matched Addresses Schema

Address data background

Many of the attributes below related to US addressees are part of the Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) process and are directly related to automated and mass mailing discounts for bulk mailers. The authoritative reference for those attributes and values are the below US Postal Service documents:

Joining with parcels

The Regrid Parcel UUID (the ll_uuid column) in the Matched Address data connects address records to the ll_uuid column in the parcel data. One parcel can have many addresses.

Matched Address Schema

Field Description Example Datatype
ll_uuid Regrid Parcel UUID text
a_id Ageon Address ID text
a_address Address Line 1 Including Secondary 123 Main St Apt 1 text
a_saddno House Number 123 text
a_saddpref Street Predictional E, NW text
a_saddstr Street Name Main text
a_saddsttyp Street Suffix Rd, St text
a_saddstsuf Street Post Directional S, W text
a_sunit Secondary Description Apt, Unit text
a_szip5 Postal ZIP Code text
a_szip ZIP Code Plus 4 text
a_carte Postal Carrier Route text
a_crtype Postal Carrier Route Type text
a_scity City text
a_state2 State MI, NY text
a_county County Name text
a_delvseqno Delivery Sequence Number Walk sequence number used by USPS carrier text
a_usps_elotseq USPS Enhanced Line of Travel text
a_usps_elotsort USPS Enhanced Line of Travel Sort Asc, Desc text
a_dp_digits Two digit address number portion of the Delivery Point Barcode 12 text
a_dp_check Check digit portion of the Delivery Point Barcode 4 text
a_resbus Use Indicator Residential / Business / Unknown text
a_dpv_confirm DPV Confirmation Flag text
a_dpv_footnotes DPV Processing Footnotes text
a_default_match Matched to Default ZIP Code text
a_lacsflag LACS System Flag text
a_usps_vacancy USPS Vacancy Flag text
a_nostats USPS No Delivery Flag text
a_error_code DPV Error Codes text
a_dpv_type Delivery Type text
a_geocodetype Geocode Type text
a_moddate Last Modified Date datetime
a_census_blockgroup Census Blockgroup text
a_lat Latitude text
a_lon Longitude text
a_geoid Census County FIPS code text

Regrid Matched Addresses Column Values

Delivery Type (a_dpv_type)

Value Description
H Highrise
P PO Box
S Single-family
  No value
F No definition available

Postal Carrier Route Type (a_crtype)

Value Description
B PO Box
C City
G Government
H Highway contractor
R Rural

Geocode Type (a_geocodetype)

Value Description
GCRT Regrid-sourced rooftop
OTHR Other geocodes, eg Zip + 9 centroid
PC Parcel centroid
RT Rooftop
STR Point on street (line-interpolated geocode)
  No value / not geocoded

USPS No Delivery Flag (a_nostats)

Value Description
Y The address exists, but does not receive mail
N The address exists, and may receive mail

USPS Vacancy Flag (a_usps_vacancy)

Value Description
Y Vacant
N Not vacant
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