Reporting Parcel Data Issues to the Regrid Team

Reporting Parcel Data Issues to the Regrid Team and Frequently Asked Questions

Where does your data come from?

We source our data directly from each county or whom they designate as the official source for their parcel data.

How can I tell if there's an issue with the data that I should report?

Here at Regrid we compile property information across the United States. That's a lot of data! The idea behind the 'Report Data Issue' function is for users to be able to easily let us know when something looks off, based on your own knowledge.

Please note: We can not directly make any corrections or edits to the data itself (for example, we can't go in and change the owner name on a specific parcel). That kind of change needs to be done at the County level and can usually be handled by contacting your local County Assessor's office.

Step 1: Check the last refresh date

The first thing to do if you think there might be an issue is to check what date we last refreshed the county where you are looking. If the data you see (for example, owner name) seems like it could be right for the point in time we last refreshed the data, then you can feel comfortable that this info will update next time we update this county.

If, however, you think there's an issue (for example, say you bought a property in 2010, the last refresh date is in 2020, but you still see the previous owner's name) please let us know by proceeding on to Step 2, below.

On the Regrid Property Mobile App, you can check the last refresh date by selecting a parcel, tapping the bottom bar to open up its full details, and scrolling all the way to the bottom where you'll see the date that we last refreshed.

On (the website), the process is much the same - click on a parcel, then scroll all the way to the bottom to see the last refresh date.

Step 2: Report the data issue

From the Regrid Property Mobile App, you will find the Report Data Issue button down by the last refresh date, at the bottom of the parcel details.

From (the website), click on the parcel to select it. Under the 'Actions' button (top right), click 'Report Parcel Data Issue'.

What happens once I have submitted a report?

Our team will receive the report and investigate! While we aren't able to respond individually to each report, we will reach out if we have any questions.

The fastest way for us to follow up with you on this is via our data updates email list. We will include a notice there as soon as we have refreshed the data from the county and it is ready for use: Subscribe to our Data Updates monthly email here.

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