Canada Parcels

The Regrid Canada Parcels product provides parcel boundaries from local, provincial, and federal sources to give a foundational level of property location intelligence to users. Containing parcel boundaries nationwide across all 13 Canadian provinces and territories with a standard schema, Regrid Canada Parcels offers a single source for common-format parcel boundary data in Canada.

Data Delivery

Regrid Canada parcels are available in all of our parcel data file formats. The data is delivered at the province/territory level. Data licensing is available at either the national or provincial/territorial level.

Files are available via SFTP and cloud delivery.

Data Details

Our Regrid Canada Parcels Data Dictionary contains a schema, data dictionary, and coverage report for the Regrid Canada Parcels product.

Data Sourcing

The Regrid Canada Parcels are from authoritative local, provincial, and federal government sources. Regrid only provides actual parcel boundary data and does not rely on machine-learning techniques to create modeled or assumed parcels.


Regrid is updating the Canada Parcels product 2x per year and providing updates to users at this same cadence. Update dates may vary and are expected in Fall and Spring.

Regrid Parcels Canada data coverage

The best place to explore the coverage of Canada Parcels is on our Regrid Canada Parcels Coverage Report. This report contains both a province/territory level summary (Admin1), as well as a breakdown of coverage by individual Census Subdivisions (Admin2) within each province. Within the Census Subdivision breakdown, we include a total parcels count and a “admin2_coverage_pct” field which reflects the total area (land and water) of the census subdivision that is covered by parcels. This can be an indicator of how much of the census subdivision contains parcels.

Attribution for Regrid Canada Parcels

Regrid has intentionally focused on the buildout of parcel boundaries over attribution. That said, Regrid is supporting a small set of attributes with the Regrid Canada Parcels product. Those attributes are broadly described by the categories of: official identifiers (parcel number, etc), situs address, calculated area in square meters, and metadata (such as last refresh dates, and unique id). The full schema and data dictionary is always available.