The Regrid Parcel Schema

We clean and convert all parcel data we recieve into The Regrid Parcel Schema detailed below. Some counties may include additional fields. Wherever possible, we include those in our exports, but we do not have a key available for those fields. Each tier includes all of the fields in any tiers below it.

Field Description Tier Datatype
ogc_fid Object ID basic serial primary key
geoid FIPS Code

FIPS code (state + county FIPS codes)

basic text
sourceagent Source Agent basic text
parcelnumb Parcel ID

Examples: 02004940, 001-020-4624-001

basic text
usecode Parcel Use Code

Varies by governing municipality

Examples: 104

standard text
usedesc Parcel Use Description

Varies by governing municipality

Examples: Residential

standard text
zoning Zoning Code

Varies by governing municipality

Examples: R-1

standard text
zoning_description Zoning Description

Varies by governing municipality

Examples: Residential

standard text
struct Structure on Parcel standard boolean
multistruct Multiple Structures on Parcel standard boolean
structno Number of Structures on Parcel standard integer
yearbuilt Structure Year Built standard integer
numstories Number of Stories standard double precision
numunits Number of Units standard integer
structstyle Structure Style standard text
parvaltype Parcel Value Type

The type of value reported in the parcel value fields

Examples: Appraised, Assessed, Taxable, Market, Market Value

standard text
improvval Improvement Value standard double precision
landval Land Value standard double precision
parval Total Parcel Value standard double precision
agval Agricultural Value standard double precision
saleprice Last Sale Price standard double precision
saledate Last Sale Date standard date
taxamt Annual Tax Bill standard double precision
owntype Owner Type standard text
owner Owner Name basic text
ownfrst Owner First Name basic text
ownlast Owner Last Name basic text
owner2 Second Owner Name basic text
owner3 Third Owner Name basic text
owner4 Fourth Owner Name basic text
subsurfown Subsurface Owner standard text
subowntype Subsurface Owner Type standard text
mailadd Mailing Address

This is the address where the tax and other assessor's communications are sent. It is often thought of as the owner's mailing address. It is often the same address as the parcel phyiscal street address, but very commonly it is a different address than the parcel address itself.

standard text
mail_address2 Mailing Address Second Line standard text
careof Mailing Address Care Of standard text
mail_addno Mailing Address Street Number

Examples: 402

standard text
mail_addpref Mailing Address Street Prefix

Examples: S

standard text
mail_addstr Mailing Address Street Name

Examples: FOURTH

standard text
mail_addsttyp Mailing Address Street Type

Examples: AVE

standard text
mail_addstsuf Mailing Address Street Suffix

Examples: NW

standard text
mail_unit Mailing Address Unit Number

Examples: APT # 2

standard text
mail_city Mailing Address City

Examples: Ann Arbor

standard text
mail_state2 Mailing Address State

Mailing Address State 2-Letter abbreviation

Examples: MI

standard text
mail_zip Mailing Address ZIP Code standard text
mail_country Mailing Address Country

Examples: US, Bolivia, Canada

standard text
mail_urbanization Mailing Address Urbanizacion (Puerto Rico) standard text
address Parcel Address

This is the address of the parcel itself. Also called the "situs address" or "site address". Not every parcel has a street address, especially in agricultural areas and other large parcels.

Examples: 12109 KATZ RD

basic text
address2 Parcel Address Second Line

Examples: Apt 2, Unit B, 6th floor

basic text
saddno Parcel Address Number

Examples: 12109

basic text
saddpref Parcel Address Prefix

Examples: N

basic text
saddstr Parcel Address Street Name

Examples: GLENN

basic text
saddsttyp Parcel Address Street Type

Examples: RD

basic text
saddstsuf Parcel Address Street Suffix

Examples: NW

basic text
sunit Parcel Address Unit basic text
scity Parcel Address City

Examples: GRASS LAKE

basic text
original_address Original Parcel Address

Address fields as originally provided by the county, separated by a semicolon and a space

Examples: 12109 Katz Rd; NW; Ann Arbor; MI; 48105

basic text
city US Census County Subdivision

Used for organizational purposes. Refer to scity for the city associated with the site address.

basic text
county Parcel Address County basic text
state2 Parcel Address State

Examples: MI

basic text
szip Parcel Address Zip Code

Examples: 48103, 48104-3423

basic text
urbanization Parcel Urbanizacion

A postal address field commonly used in Puerto Rico

basic text
location_name Location Name

A name commonly associated with this parcel

basic text
address_source Primary Address Source

Default source if none is listed is the county.

Examples: openaddresses, accuzip, county

basic text
legaldesc Legal Description standard text
plat Plat

Plat number the parcel is recorded on

Examples: A

standard text
book Book

Book/Liber the parcel is recorded in

Examples: 231

standard text
page Page

Page/Folio the parcel is recorded on

Examples: 2

standard text
block Block standard text
lot Lot standard text
neighborhood Neighborhood standard text
subdivision Subdivision standard text
lat Latitude

On parcel centroid latitude decimal coordinate

standard text
lon Longitude

On parcel centroid longitude decimal coordinate

standard text
taxyear Tax Year

A county provided attribute indicating the tax year the assessor data applies to.

standard text
qoz Federal Qualified Opportunity Zone

Is this parcel in a US Federal Qualified Opportunity Zone

Examples: Yes, No

standard text
qoz_tract Qualified Opportunity Zone Tract Number

Census tract number as it was defined in Dec 2018 when QOZs were designated.

Examples: 30059000100, 30107000100

standard text
census_tract Census 2010 Tract standard text
census_block Census 2010 Block standard text
census_blockgroup Census 2010 Blockgroup standard text
sourceref Source Document Reference

A county provided reference for the parcel record

basic text
sourcedate Source Document Date

A county provided date for the parcel record

basic date
sourceurl Source URL

A county provided url to the county parcel record online

basic text
recrdareatx Recorded Area (text) standard text
recrdareano Recorded Area (number) standard double precision
gisacre County-Provided Acres standard double precision
sqft County-Provided Parcel Square Feet standard double precision
ll_gisacre Loveland Calculated Parcel Acres

Parcel acres as calculated by Loveland from the parcel geometry

standard double precision
ll_gissqft Loveland Calculated Parcel Square Feet

Parcel square feet as calculated by Loveland from the parcel geometry

standard bigint
ll_bldg_footprint_sqft Loveland Calculated Building Footprint Square Feet

Total building footprint in square feet as calculated by Loveland

premium integer
ll_bldg_count Loveland Calculated Building Count

Total number of buildings on the parcel as calculated by Loveland

premium integer
cdl_raw Cropland Data Layer Raw Values

(Planned to populate Q3 2021) This is an array of [value,percentage] pairs that represent the pixel classes present in the parcel and their percentage of the total pixels.

Examples: 36, 60.0, 75, 20.0, 87, 10.0, 190, 10.0

premium text
cdl_majority_category Cropland Data Layer Majority Category

(Planned to populate Q3 2021) This is the human readable Category name for the land cover type that is most common on the parcel.

Examples: Alfalfa

premium text
cdl_majority_percent Cropland Data Layer Majority Percent

(Planned to populate Q3 2021) This is the actual percentage of pixels for the majority category.

Examples: 60.0

premium double precision
cdl_date Cropland Data Layer Date

(Planned to populate Q3 2021) The year of the Cropland Data Layer data set the current attributes are derived from.

Examples: 2021

premium text
reviseddate Date of Last Revision

The last date of last revision as provided by the county assessor's office if available.

basic date
path Parcel Path

Loveland's human-readable identifier for this parcel. Not guaranteed to be stable between updates.

Examples: /us/mi/wayne/detroit/123, /us/ny/new-york/manhattan/375553

basic text
ll_stable_id Stable ID Status

Indicates if the path and ll_uuid values have changed during the last refresh from the county. A value of 'preserved' means the 'll_uuid' was matched during county refresh to the previous data. A 'null' indicates a new ll_uuid was generated because the new data was not matched to the existing data during the county data refresh process.

Examples: preserved (if unchanged),

basic text
ll_uuid UUID

Uniquely identifies a single parcel with a v4 uuid. A stable parcel id across county data refreshes. This field should be used for tracking indiviual parcels.

Examples: 4cc9eda6-883c-4f38-9a07-b44900a64b16

basic uuid
ll_updated_at Updated At

Timestamp of last update of any kind to this row, internal changes to row, and/or county updates.

Examples: 2019-06-06 12:45:21.285102-04

basic timestamp with time zone
dpv_status USPS Delivery Point Validation

Examples: V, N

premium text
dpv_codes Delivery Point Validation Codes premium text
dpv_notes Delivery Point Validation Notes premium text
dpv_type Delivery Point Match Type

Examples: H (High Rise), S (Street)

premium text
cass_errorno CASS Error Codes premium text
rdi Residential Delivery Indicator

Examples: Y, N

premium text
usps_vacancy USPS Vacancy Indicator

Examples: Y

premium text
usps_vacancy_date USPS Vacancy Indicator Date

Date the vacancy indicator was collected

premium date
lbcs_activity Land Use Code: Activity

Actual activity on land, eg farming, shopping, manufacturing.

premium numeric
lbcs_activity_desc Land Use Code Description: Activity

Description of the LBCS numeric code

premium text
lbcs_function Land Use Code: Function

Economic function or type of establishment, eg agricultural, commercial, industrial

premium numeric
lbcs_function_desc Land Use Code Description: Function

Economic function or type of establishment, eg agricultural, commercial, industrial

premium text
lbcs_structure Land Use Code: Structure

Type of structure or building, eg single-family house, office building, warehouse

premium numeric
lbcs_structure_desc Land Use Code Description: Structure

Type of structure or building, eg single-family house, office building, warehouse

premium text
lbcs_site Land Use Code: Site

What is on the land

premium numeric
lbcs_site_desc Land Use Code Description: Site

What is on the land

premium text
lbcs_ownership Land Use Code: Ownership

Ownership structure, eg public, private

premium numeric
lbcs_ownership_desc Land Use Code Description: Ownership

Ownership structure, eg public, private

premium text