USPS CASS Codes and Notes

CASS Error Codes


Code  Description
V Validated, deliverable address point
N Not a validated, deliverable address point
M Multiple validated, deliverable address points at this address


Code  Description
H Multiple delivery point address (Highrise)
S Single Street address delivery point (Street)
R Rural Route delivery point (Rural)


Code Description
AA ZIP4 matched
A1 ZIP4 did not match
BB HSA_DPV confirmed entire address
CC HSA_DPV confirmed by dropping secondary info
F1 Military match
G1 General delivery match
N1 HSA_DPV confirmed a highrise or box type address without secondary info
M1 Primary number missing from address
M3 Could not confirm address
P1 Box type address missing box number
P3 Box number invalid
RR HSC_DPV confirmed address
R1 HSC_DPV confirmed a highrise or box type address without secondary info
U1 Unique ZIP code match


Six positions total

Position 1: DPV Confirmation Indicator

Code Description
Y Address was DPV confirmed for both primary and (if present) secondary numbers
D Address was DPV confirmed for the primary number only, and Secondary number information was missing
S Address was DPV confirmed for the primary number only, and Secondary number information was present but unconfirmed
N Both Primary and (if present) Secondary number information failed to DPV Confirm
Blank Address not able to be checked

Position 5: DSF2 No Stats Indicator

Indicates the address is correct, but not receiving delivery, the address is not counted as a possible delivery point any longer. These addresses are not receiving delivery because, delivery has not been established, the customer receives mail as a part of a drop, or the address is no longer a possible delivery point because the carrier returns all of the mail.

Code Description
Y Address was found in NOSTATS table
N Address was not found in NOSTATS table
Blank Address not able to be checked


Code Description
A1 Address block used, it is always A1
1.1 State not found
2.1 City not found
3.1 Street not found
4.1 Address not found
5.1 Incomputable +4 range
5.2 +4 unavailable
6.1 Multiple streets match
6.2 Multiple addresses match
6.3 Cardinal Rule multiple match
7.1 Time ran out
7.2 Output too long
8.1 Company phonetic match used
8.2 First company match used
9.1 State determined from city
9.2 State determined from ZIP
10.1 City phonetic match used
10.2 City determined from ZIP *
10.3 Acceptable city name used
11.0 Address component Chg/Del/Add
11.1 Street phonetic match used
11.2 Pre-direction dropped
11.3 Pre-direction added
11.4 Suffix dropped
11.5 Suffix added
11.6 Post direction dropped
11.7 Post direction added
11.8 Pre-direction standardized
11.9 Street standardized
11.10 Suffix standardized
11.11 Post direction standardized
11.12 Street missing
11.13 Alternate address used
11.14 Address Standardized
11.15 Dual address-Used PO Box
11.16 Dual address-Used Non-PO Box
11.17 Street Alias match-Better delivery address exists
12.1 Unit standardized
12.2 Unit missing
12.3 Unit not found
12.4 Unit unverified
12.5 Rural box not found
13.1 Leftovers found
14.1 No ZIP Code Available
14.2 Incorrect ZIP Code was changed to correct ZIP
14.3 +4 changed
14.4 Route changed
14.5 +4 added
14.6 Route added
14.7 ZIP assigned for Multi-matched address
14.8 Unique ZIP match
14.9 Small town default match
15.0 ZIP Code Changed
15.1 Highrise Default
15.2 Highrise Exact
15.3 Rural Route Default
15.4 Rural Route Exact
15.5 Early Warning System match
15.6 LACSLink Conversion Match
15.7 SuiteLink Match - Suite Returned
15.8 SuiteLink Match - No Suite Returned