Compatibility Matrix

The below matrix shows the Esri tools and products that our team has tested our feature service with for compatibility.

Please note that the Esri product and tools universe is vast and we will continue to update this matrix as we learn more and test more with their tools.

Esri Product Description Regrid Feature Service Supported
ArcGIS Pro Core desktop app used by customers Yes
ArcGIS Online (AGOL) Core web mapping application Yes
ArcGIS API for JS Build web apps with interactive user experiences Yes
ArcMap (ArcGIS Desktop) Legacy desktop GIS suite (being phased out by 2026) Yes
ArcGIS Dashboards Present web maps and apps in a visual, interactive single screen format Yes
ArcGIS Experience Builder No-code app builder to configure web apps Yes
ArcGIS Instant Apps Quickly create web apps that make it easy to interact with your maps and data Yes
ArcGIS Web AppBuilder No-code browser based web app builder Yes
ArcGIS App Studio No-code desktop based app builder Yes
ArcGIS StoryMaps Embed web maps with mixed narratives. Yes**
ArcGIS FieldMaps Mobile solution to capture data. Yes***

**While we are technically compatible with this tool, we do not use it with our Regrid Feature Service because our service is not intended to be used in public facing sites.

***While we are technically compatible with this tool, we do not support offline compatibility. Regrid Feature Service needs to be connected through an internet connection. If you need to use Field Maps offline, we suggest to use ArcGIS Pro to create a mobile map package of the intended area and upload to Field Maps. Find out more information for creating a mobile map package.

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