ArcGIS Online Map Viewer

  1. Browse to ArcGIS Online and sign in

  2. Select “Content” from the left nav

  3. Select “New Item”

  4. Select “URL”

  5. Fill in the Feature Service URL, replacing <token> with your Regrid API token.

    The Type field should auto populate with “ArcGIS Server web service”<token>/rest/services/premium/FeatureServer/0
  6. Select Next and follow the prompts

  7. Update the title to a name of your choosing like, ‘parcels’

  8. Select “Open in map viewer” in the upper right, to view your layer in a map.

In existing maps, select the “Layers” tab on the left. Then, select the + button next to the Regrid Feature Service layer to add it to the map.

Using our feature layer in other ArcGIS tools and apps

  1. From a map view, with a layer already added to the map, select ‘Save and open’ from the left column, then ‘Save as’.

  2. Enter a Title and Summary

  3. Select “Save map”

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