ArcGIS Online Map Viewer

Before we get started, if you have Matched Datasets on your account, and would like to view those relationships alongside the parcel layer, please jump to the section for "Matched Datasets" instructions below.

  1. Browse to ArcGIS Online and sign in

  2. Select "Content" from the left nav

  3. Select "New Item"

    new item

  4. Select "URL"

    url item type

  5. Fill in the Feature Service URL.

    At this step you can use one of two URL formats for the Regrid Feature Service:

    • The usual URL contains your regrid token inline.<regrid_token>/rest/services/premium/FeatureServer/0

      If using this format skip to step 8.

    • If you wish to store the credentials within the Item and have the URL proxied by*
  6. At the bottom of the New Item view enable "Store credentials with service item".

    If the following option is shown and you wish to proxy the feature service URL, enable this option.

    store credentials enabled

  7. Select Next and follow the prompts to add your regrid token to the password field. The username can be anything.

    token in password field

  8. Select Next and follow the prompts

  9. Update the title to a name of your choosing like, "parcels"

  10. The Regrid feature layer is now added as an item.

  11. Use the Regrid layer: Select "Open in Map Viewer" in the upper right, to view your layer in a map.

  12. Use the Regrid layer in existing maps:

    • Select the "Layers" tab on the left
    • Select the + button next to the Regrid Feature Service layer
    • "Browse Layers" to find this newly created item and to add it to the map.

Matched Datasets with ArcGIS Online

If you have Matched Datasets on your account, and would like to view those relationships alongside the parcel layer with a proxied URL*

  1. Follow the steps above replacing the Regrid Feature Server URL with the base endpoint (excluding the layer id of 0).
  2. Continue with the instructions above.

  3. Finally to view all related layers and tables, select "Open in Map Viewer Classic" in the upper right.

Using our feature layer in other ArcGIS tools and apps

  1. From a map view, with a layer already added to the map, select "Save and open" from the left column, then "Save as".

  2. Enter a Title and Summary

  3. Select "Save map"

Why would you want to proxy the URL?

Saving the credentials within an ArcGIS Item allows a new URL to be used without exposing the Regrid authenticated token in the URL for added security. Please note Regrid Feature Service Terms of Use still apply.

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