ArcGIS Pro

These steps will add Regrid's seamless nationwide parcel layer to an ArcGIS Pro project. They were tested in ArcGIS Pro v3.1.0

  1. Launch ArcGIS Pro Desktop on Windows

  2. Open a new or existing project.

  3. Ensure the project has a map. To create a new map, from the Insert tab, select New Map

  4. From the Map tab, select Add Data, and then select Data from Path

    token in password field

  5. Paste the following URL into the Path field, replacing <token> with your Regrid API token:<token>/rest/services/premium/FeatureServer/0

    token in password field

  6. Click Add.

  7. Parcels should be rendered on a new layer in the map view. "Regrid Parcel Data" should appear in the Contents pane.

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