Interactive API Sandbox

Discover the power of Regrid Interactive API Sandbox and witness firsthand the impressive capabilities of our API endpoints with our exclusive 30-day Free Trial offer. With our interactive openAPI enabled test environment, you can experience a hassle-free testing process with no delays.

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Get ready to experience the full range of Regrid Interactive offerings with our advanced sandbox platform. By testing our Parcel API endpoints, you'll not only witness the unparalleled quality of our services but also gain exclusive access to our premium plus data offerings, including:

Parcel Data

Explore Regrid APIs with 30 day free trial access. Receive 2,000 parcels and 10,000 tiles when you sign up for your token.

API Trial Overview - Interactive API Sandbox
Your free trial token will access a subset of data from our nationwide data set. This subset of data includes counties from urban, rural, suburban counties and a municipality of Puerto Rico. This is representative of our data at scale for rural and dense areas put together.
  • You can access 2,000 parcels from any of the subset counties
  • You can access 10,000 tiles from any of the subset counties
  • You are able to try out all of our API endpoints with your trial token
  • Marion County, Indiana
  • Dallas County, Texas
  • Wilson County, Tennessee
  • Durham County, North Carolina
  • Filmore County, Nebraksa
  • Clark County, Wisconsin
  • Gurabo Municipio, Puerto Rico